Let Go: New Music for Three Guitars


The debut release from the Appassionata Guitar Trio (Rebecca Baulch, Amanda Cook and Hayley Savage), with an exhilarating collection of premiere recordings of trio works commissioned by the IGF. Includes works by Bruce MacCombie, Ned Bennett, Paulo Bellinati, Benjamin Vedery and Gary Ryan.

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What people are saying

“Performance is of the highest order … A persuasive and accessible programme superbly presented”  Classical Guitar Magazine

Appassionata Guitar Trio

Release date: 10th Jun 2013
Order code: BGS111
Barcode: 0801792001035

1. Tango Amoroso Bruce MacCombie 8:05
2. Strange Dreams Ned Bennett 7:48
3. Food for Fish Ned Bennett 6:42
4. Baiao de Gude Paulo Bellinati 5:26
5. Maracatu da Pipa Paulo Bellinati 7:43
6. Storm in a Teacup Hayley Savage 9:20
7. Start Now Benjamin Vedery, arr. Amanda Cook 2:10
8. Let Go Benjamin Vedery, arr. Amanda Cook 3:43
9. Now You See It, Now You Don’t, Now You Do Benjamin Vedery, arr. Amanda Cook 2:10
10. Cabaret (Showgirls) Gary Ryan 5:55


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