Serenade: Romantic Music for Romantic Guitars


A short history of the guitar in the 19th century performed on original instruments, Serenade rediscovers a host of authentic compositions and arrangements from an era that is now considered a turning point in the guitars developmental history. As well as original works by Francisco Tárrega and Niccolo Paganini, the disc includes two fascinating authentic arrangements of Schubert Lieder by players of the era – Tárrega and Johann Kaspar Mertz.

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What people are saying

“A Truly Wonderful Performance…” Guitar Review

“A Unique Recording.”

“It offers a rare opportunity to experience Tárrega’s own compositions alongside those of two premier league names – a stern test from which Tárrega emerges virtually unscathed. This is due in no small measure to the performance, which is tidy, sensitive, and schmaltz-free.” Classical Guitar Magazine

Release date: 5th Jun 2001
Order code: BGS102
Barcode: 0801792010228

1. Six Songs: I. Ständchen (serenade) Franz Schubert 3:57
2. Six Songs: II. Die Post Franz Schubert 2:49
3. Six Songs: III. Aufenthalt Franz Schubert 3:20
4. Six Songs: IV. Das Fischermädchen Franz Schubert 2:16
5. Six Songs: V. Lob der Thränen Franz Schubert 2:48
6. Six Songs: VI. Liebesbotschaft Franz Schubert 3:02
7. Grand Sonata: II. Romance Niccolò Paganini 3:42
8. Grand Sonata: III. Andantino variato Niccolò Paganini 5:28
9. Ghiribizzi: No. 37. Adagietto (after Rossini) Niccolò Paganini 1:29
10. Ghiribizzi: No. 20. Là ci darem la mano (after Mozart) Niccolò Paganini 2:27
11. Sonatina No. 1 Niccolò Paganini 2:17
12. Introduction and Caprile Op. 23 Franz Schubert 10:02
13. Menuetto, from Sonata in G Op. 78 Franz Schubert 4:53
14. Moment Musical Op. 94 No. 3 Frédéric Chopin 1:38
15. Preludes, Op. 28: No. 7 in A Frédéric Chopin 0.51
16. Preludes, Op. 28: No. 20 in C Minor Frédéric Chopin 1:42
17. Preludes, Op. 28: No. 15 in D-Flat Frédéric Chopin 5:39
18. Five Preludes: I. Endecha Francisco Tárrega 0:56
19. Five Preludes: II. Oremus Francisco Tárrega 0:50
20. Five Preludes: III. Allegro Francisco Tárrega 0:54
21. Five Preludes: IV. Andante sostenuto Francisco Tárrega 0:53
22. Five Preludes: V. Lágrima Francisco Tárrega 1:30
23. Three Mazurcas: ¡Adelita! Francisco Tárrega 5:18
24. Three Mazurcas: ¡Marieta! Francisco Tárrega 1:41
25. Three Mazurcas: Sueño Francisco Tárrega 2:09
26. Pavana Francisco Tárrega 1:32
27. Capricho árabe (serenade) Francisco Tárrega 1:43
28. La alborada, la cajita de m£sica (The Musical Box) Francisco Tárrega 1:21


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